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Hello world!

Yes… another blogger on food and wine.  How am I going to be different?  You’ll see.  But first, who am I?  A chef, instructor at a local culinary/hospitality school, a person who loves his wife and children.  I am always trying to stay on the edge of trends and methods.  I tweet, I FB, I and trying to use the social media to present a valid point in the industry I love.  I might be barking up the wrong tree for now… but it gives me satisfaction to do so.  You see the industry is far from perfect, and by that I mean, the restaurant biz.

I’m not out to change it… I am out to inform and educate you, the consumer of goods that it is no longer acceptable to pass off service and food at a mediocre level.  you see “Restaurant Owner”, we pay for that food you serve.  We enjoy the service you offer.  If it is not up to standard (our standard, not your standard), we will not be satisfied. 

Like others have written before me, there is a myriad of areas to choose from when it comes pet peeves in restaurants.  It just seems like there is a pervasive sense of apathy in the last decade.  So, I will ask of you to send me your gripes about those restaurants you have frequented.  I’ll do my best to address them… perhaps if they are close enough to visit. 

If something goes wrong when you eat out… it should be handled effectively and swiftly, no questions asked!  If it doesn’t get resolved, it is too late.  That is my rule and I am stickin by it.  So, enjoy this blog.  Come back when you can and I will do my best to keep it up-to-date and informative.


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